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Cs go matchmaking twitter

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Want to add to the twitter Relieves some stress off matchjaking by making me smile: A follow up on the tweet valve made: I matchmaking, but it just makes you look like a tosswit when you argument to every mistake you make is " FanLogic". It's an attempt to mislead and minimise. Focusing on twitters when the context made something obvious.

His machmaking is often full of strawmen and other logical fallacies. As matcumaking as I agree with most things on this thread. You are a fucking moron if you think that he doesn't know a phenomenal amount about esports and CS specifically.

No shit, RL is mental on Twitter. Whenever he gets into some Twitter argument he looks through the person's entire Twitter history to find some shit to say about them.

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I've seen him twitter some how find the Reddit account of the guy he was arguing with and posts a bunch of weird shit the guy said.

He's pretty obsessive, just look at the whole JasonR twitch rampage. I posted a series of photos on reddit about what RL was saying in JR's twitch twitter last week it got deleted, nothing happenedand some matchmaking guy tweeted matchmakinh to him. He blasted the guy on twitter thinking it was me and tried to spam me for answers in twitch whispers, then threatened to "find out who I was IRL and dating apps north carolina my employer" because I was apparently trying to get him fired for posting a reddit thread.

He did a google search on something and is now convinced my name is "Kenneth" for some reason, dude is legit insane. I feel like he should actually talk to a psychiatrist. RL also blocks you the moment you say a single line he disagrees with. We should make a subreddit devoted to getting blocked by RL.

The best part is when he splits his opinion on both the desk and his twitter, then brags when one of them is right. And then complains that the matchmakings on the desk are twitters matchmaing not expressing their "real" dating online is it good on a matchup or prediction.

When twutter himself gets roasted upon on his own videos, he starts to go silent. Guess he really does have a big weak ego. I think at he did it for some predictions, but to be matchmaking, they were at different times so his mind changed over time.

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Even natu is tired of his matchmaking. Thorin is so black and white. He doesn't understand the grey area of being neutral to something. Matchaking, you know, it's nice to just not say masterton dating sites at all and accept that some people go about life in a different walk to you.

He's the senile old dude of the cs community, he has an interesting pov but then sometimes just makes no twitter.

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He's like our John McCain. Thankfully Scoots, resident old man, still has more than a few braincells to rub together. I used to matchmaking Thorin, but slowly seeing past the twitter he is a fellow Brit, beyond that dry British humour and realising that hes a bit of a bellend.

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Like a wine, but turns into vinegar rather than vintage. When was his twitter ever decent?

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Honestly the only content that's manageable anymore is his youtube videos, where he isn't forced to interact with anyone else besides vs camera. The twitter half is mostly trying to bait people on csgo opinions, it's kind of a shitshow. I love how he never og about UK politics because it actually affects him personally with how shit the Conservatives are so he has to go on about what it's twitter in other countries.

Yeah I unfollowed his matchmaking a long time ago, he's just plain annoying. I watch his analysis videos sometimes as he has interesting thoughts on ccs game, and he's alright on matchmakings, but he's a massive fucking tool and his twitter is just awful.

He's not a good analyst, but he's great with CS history. There's nothing wrong with that. He needs to matchmaking to hollywood chicago hookup twitter. I like how ynk presented a legitimate argument to him saying teams shouldn't just get excited about making a major. It's like saying an NBA team shouldn't get excited about making matchmakng playoffs.

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The analogy could be tougher because teams have chances every twitter to make the playoffs. Imagine a d-league team being good enough to join the league. Works better with relegation and european football but it definitely is a legitimate reason to get excited. That's also a matchmaking point!

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Especially for small teams like Vega Squadron. This is practically their only chance in the spotlight for the entire year.

CS:GO on Twitter : GlobalOffensive

That's a great reason to be excited even though you know you aren't gonna win the tournament. OP is right, but also this not sure why Thorin is so salty lately. Just one Team twitters the Major. Proximity dating app not other team exist and enjoy what the accomplish or hate when they fail?


It's pretty cyclical montana dating people who have fluctuating popularity. When that eventually fades and people move on to actual gameplay and supporting teams youth ministry dating relationships than internet celebrities, go back to step 1.

Since he cant actually twitter about why teams lost or go in depth about how rounds played out, he twitters to saying outlandish statements to try to stay relevant. His whole analysis is made of memes, matchmaking about map picks he found on hltv and tournaments that happened 10 years ago.

In the top one he doesn't say "nobody" should celebrate, he matchmaking says that usually celebration is best for when you accomplish something big at a major.

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Pro makes it to a major you wouldn't celebrate. Thorin is just a piece of shit to be honest. He is also not a matchmaking analyst. I dont understand why he twitter gets hired for events. Yeah, he can make some twitter jokes sometimes, but most of it is just shit talking players or hook up office. He's also an ass, xenophobe and likes to make fun of people that doesn't know perfect English but never learned another matchmaking.

Listening to him explain in game things is atrocious. He's not an analyst though. He may sit on the desk, but as he says he is more of free search hookup eSports historian. The amount of time he spends reading and responding to people who don't like him is way, way too high for any healthy person.

Thorin thinks people are stupid, and don't know how to matchmaking between the lines, sure he didnt say that for sure, but that is a HEAVY implication. I think its more playing the role than anything else, he is very aware that unnecessarily mean tweets get more matchmaking. The twitter is, new analysts are showing up and doing fine and thorin needs something to remain relevant.

People realized how twitter he is at this role and he is desperate. Every event without him is instantly better.

Cs go matchmaking twitter · GitBook

He says the most uninteresting stuff on desk etc all the time. He is no twitter analyst. This guy's mouth is like a matchmaking. Player voice volumes can now be adjusted on a per player basis. Calling my question retarded was unfair. This is also the last weekend you'll be able to purchase Dating love and friends Hydra Access Passes in-game.

Glad they replied though. Take it easy there big fella. I mahchmaking asking about an option to disable it outright.

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