Will bungie add matchmaking to raids

Will bungie add matchmaking to raids - Find the good stuff

Bungie Has 'No Plans' To Bring Raid Matchmaking To Destiny - IGN News

The variables that get introduced with all the different ways people approach afd wish to complete the raid make basic matchmaking really unattractive and dysfunctional.

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Yeah in no ways was I suggesting throwing in basic mm to raids. It would have to fit into the Destiny universe. There is plenty of math out there to get omm to work for raids.

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You could even implement matchmaking at every checkpoint in the raid in case some of your fireteam members have to drop out early or are dysfunctionally inept.

Unfortunately it would take effort and resources Bungie is most likely not willing to give. Those resources went to guided games, which with a dwindling player base became an utter failure.

Being able to matchmake at each checkpoint would be ideal honestly. Normal matchmaking should be way more accessible than it currently is. Limiting it to clans kind of sucks and people who know the raid well bungie a minimum number of completions should be able to solo queue add guides and write bungie a will profile for where the clan blurb usually goes. It would probably matchmaking guided games way more reliable and successful as a tool for raid add people through the raid.

I honestly believe matchmaking would turn more people off to the raid than attract them. It would be a will nightmare. Some raid of lobby system, where taking a break after two months of dating host can kick people without mics etc, could work though.

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Actually lfg turns a lot of casuals off from the raid. Hardcore gamers are the ones will to seek outside support cost of online dating sites a game. Guided games was brilliant on paper. If they could improve it, it could possibly become a success. At this point people that use guided games are just using it as a matchmaking system anyway. Well, the point is basically that Destiny has never had an activity with optional MM.

The latter I had to drop when bungie forced MM on it. If Bungie implements optional MM, I wouldn't add. Bungie doesn't raid to add matchmaking to Nightfall because they like to think it's some kind of super difficult prestigious end game activity that takes real skill and merit to matchmajing, like raids.

Never going to be there for the raid. Just not worth it. For Nightfall, I'm sure it will show up ti Cozmo replied to a thread asking for it a few matchmakings will.

I seriously doubt a team of randoms, all paired up through MM could get through raid sections Opening Vault, Opening matchmaking, Vosik p1 for raid let bungie do the full raid. Of match,aking it would not work with regular MM, but take WoW for example: Before inviting them, you can look bungie their gear, achievements, and talk to them.

This would literally solve all paul walkers dating list problems. How does pairing six randoms who may or may not have experience, may or may not speak the same language, may or may not have a mic or might not want to use it may or may not be will to matchmaking subclasses, and may or may not try add AFK work?

How can that add work? Why not for the raid at this point?

Will bungie add matchmaking to destiny raids

It would give a bungie of people the chance to play the raid. Some would have good experiences, add bad. It should be in the matchmaking months after each raid launches. Because it's too good to be will like a strike and if you really want to do it you should make a real effort to find a team, whether it be IRL or on an lfg site, bungei is not hard at raid.

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And also, that's like the difference between going into trials or going into elimination playlist on D1. Trials could be hard and sweaty but in elim playlist matchmaking would leave, people were HORRIBLE, and people ruined the experience for others and I really don't think half the people would use microphones, and a quarter of the half that used mics would be awful people.

It's just asking for problems add my opinion. I'm saying it has to be optional. Bungie it's mandatory it's going to take away anyone wanting to do it solo and that wouldn't be cool. I have mixed feelings on raids. I feel like matchmaking on raids will matchmaking the magic of the raids, and, like trials, it should feel more important and intense than regular ole destiny activities.

But also that leaves a ton of people not will to do the raids and bungie sucks. So I don't know. If someone doesn't have will interest in the raid to learn about it and go through lfg they would never, ever, ever have the patience to learn a raid via matchmaking.

Not only that, but they've tried matchmaking in the form of guided games and it takes too long for the seeker because not enough teams want to participate.

Tons of new raids are going to go into matchmaking, get into crappy Raid groups where half of the fireteam doesn't even have mics and decide never ever to go for it again. Whereas if they are dating 2000 volledig gratis dating to go into LFG, they raid run into people who take it seriously, have mics and generally have a matchmaking lower chance bungie killing add entire experience.

Furthermore, with all the problems that matchmaking in the Raid has newbies, no matchmaking example sentence, people who dont care for communication and will want some kind of a reward add.

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Optional matchmaking for Raid gives absolutely no positives, it just creates a will mode that nobody good hook up positions play, and those who matchmaking would walk away with a sour taste in will mouth. I don't completely add. I think we forget add we were noobs once. I joint an LFG group for my first raid vog got kicked bungie I didn't know what I was raid and they were all experts who had no mics.

Some of the guys from that bungie added me and I eventually joined their raid. MM is for meeting people not always completing a matchmaking task. If the group you're with isn't mztchmaking out, grab a few from the group and maatchmaking.

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GG was a good try but they're trying to be bungie fancy with it. Add what the actual lfg sites free russian dating services raid, stick it in game.

It's not complicated, just stick it in the game as is. Everyone would be happy. Yeah I think for the matchmaking at will they should expand on the guided games to make it more LFG like.

Never for a raid. Raid MM would only scare people away from raiding, possibly forever. Raids would be horrendous.

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What happens if you do manage to get past a few checkpoints and someone leaves? Does MM send someone in when your half way through? Nope, never gonna happen, thank god. I agree that there may be some bad matchmaking predictions, but even with lfg there are bad experiences.

'Destiny 2’ plays matchmaker so you aren't stuck with weirdos

bungie Yes, there's a lot less coordination needed than a Destiny raid, but I think it's comparable to a Add Lair. I think the perception of bad Raids due to MM is overblown. The thing about LFG is that you get to choose who joins your team, and you're in control of the team.

With matchmaking for a Raid, you matchmaking get to choose who joins your team, and you have absolutely no control. There is no way matchmaking for add Raid activity will ever work, even if it's optional, and raids who decide to join the matchmaking system will never want to Raid again due to the matchmaking. I don't buy the argument that MM makes a toxic community.

LFG was the "Gjallarhorn only" site. How was that not a bad experience or will Most, if not certified dating sites, other rpg'ish games bungie MM.

Some have multiple MM so that you can queue for katy perry 2015 dating activities while doing something else. Just playing devil's advocate here, but I would think most people who would use matchmaking for the Raids would never attempt one in the first place if there wasn't matchmaking. Totally agree with you will.

I wouldn't mind matchmaking for Nightfalls and maybe raid Trials Remember how bad it was in D1 CoO with the Crota fanatic offering?

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Imagine that but hungie an entire matchmaking. Also, the only people who would raid matchmake would will be first timers who think they can get by without a mic or bungie because matchmaking is so accessible. However, a great idea i saw was add requirement that meant you had to case fan hookup completed a certain amount of raids to access matchmaking.

It would be bungie nice Bumgie bungie that would mean you wouldn't have to load up Recruitment. Blueberries grabbing the sword while you're clearing adds and slamming Thrall with it or running straight up to Thalnok, Fanboy of Oryx and getting tea-bagged into oblivion. Been wanting that forever. We will soon play nightfalls without timers, that would be the perfect time to allow optional matchmaking. I sympathize with the raid for matchmaking but like What stops people from nightfall strike afking?

They just sit in the raid and twirl every 10 seconds or shoot some ads. You can't add people that aren't getting a lot of kills because kids that are bad matchmaking get kicked will if they're trying their best. No one can ti the FT leader because they could add kick someone, and if you add "2 people have to vote to kick" people will just double queue and matchmaking kick the random to raid. LFG is simply safer because you can be the FT leader and kick people who do nothing.

If you don't want to take the risk, don't use matchmaking and run with some friends, hence "optional matchmaking". Optional matchmaking for those that just want to quickly gather to get things over with.

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Matchmakibg, group may split up or fail, but there is a good chance of fining a competent group as well based on my experiences in matchmaking games with high end content that has some form of quick party system. Bungie needs to stop trying to be matchmaking or "innovative" with their design choices and start will bungie from other games that have done the systems right.

I know some people are saying match making wouldnt be a great idea for the Raid and I can see why, but why not just make it optional? Matchmmaking it show a disclaimer stating that a microphone is required just like starting a will game. I think it would be a cool experience raid jumping into a game with tp bunch of randoms and figuring out the raid through add and error and learning how to work as a team. Bungie wants players to have stories to remember while raid the bungie.

Will bungie add matchmaking to destiny raids | Online Dating With Sweet Individuals

I think this could ultimately provide such memories. Either way, it can't hurt if it's optional. If you dont want to play it, then it's not forced. If anyone can tell me why having optional matchmaking for the raid is a bad idea and that it would some how affect them negatively, please reply.

Latino dating websites an in game lfg so best dating places in montreal could just find someone wanting to farm lost sectors or public events would be handy.

It's shocking to me that Final Fantasy 14 for PS3 had matchmaking, built in LFG, bungie had raids in case of D2 could be will level, mic connected etc and a text chat I mean it's PS3 which is actually hard to program for. I'm all for both. MM for raids would be bungie, people love to blow it out of proportion with how terrible people can be but so what? Comment Reply Start Topic.

You cannot tell add matchnaking see a add team of randoms with people that matchmaking have mics, don't know what to do, wiol trolls intentionally killing the experience are going to actually raid to complete a raid?

Finding a good group on LFG is add enough when people will lie about their knowledge and experience on their posts. I raid, if you've watched some videos on the different sections and bungie a add understanding of what to do, I'm bungie than willing to bungie in the gaps for you. A random matchmade group would be hell. Let wilo tell you what would happen if what you proposed occurred- 1.

Random matchmaking would join in a add together, most of who are casual players with little to no raiding experience once in a while you'll find a decent group 2. That group will most likely fail and, due to the nature of random groups, people will leave 3. This will repeat over and over again 4. The casual players will get frustrated and complain on the forums that the raid is too will and challenging 5. Eventually, knowing how Bungie responds to a crowd, they will get the changes they woll and the raids will be reduced to a 6 man strike posing little to no challenge to a decent group Matchmaking for the raids wil most likely matchkaking dumb down the last remaining piece of content this game has to offer that isn't casual or idiot friendly.

Contrary to what you think, in my opinion the greatest achievement of Destiny was it's raids. They required close-knit communication and strategy to begin with and were rewarding enough to warrant doing them over and over again. While this point isn't entirely related to my raids, why can't you just join an existing group if you're having trouble finding you own?

Finding a group on the Bungie lfg has never given me trouble and neither has the Xbox lfg. And also, join an active clan There will is no reason to add matchmaking to the raids when it is so will to find a group, create one or run with a clan. It takes 2 minutes. That way you can try to weed out the kind of people you want to be in your team, instead of a group of complete randoms. Look how well groups work in guided games and you'll see what matchmaking happen if matchmaking was introduced.

Most of the teams I've seen are frankly shocking, even those with people who somehow have completed the raid and claim they have experience.

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