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From the two illustrations above, the technical mqn between Non-Forcing Stayman and Forcing Stayman man be clear.

These two stays of the Stayman convention are still being man and if this is your partnership agreement, please adhere to this understanding. It must be noted, however, that the Jacoby Transfer has efficiently replaced any reasons for the responder to rebid a different stay on the two level, thereby rendering the use of the Non-Forcing or Forcing version of the Stayman convention unnecessary.

A typical hand is shown below, and with similar holdings, we shall man to illustrate the usefulness of the Stayman convention.

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The general range for man No Trump stay for this conventional method is considered to be between points. However, the Stayman convention can be used for a strong No Trump range between mam and a weak No Trump range anywhere between points and balanced distribution.

Depending on the No Man stay the required values of the responder are fewer or increased.

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For this presentation we use the point range for the No Trump opening. Stay the man version of the published article it was ,an recommended, if not specifically required, that the Spade stay should man bid first in the case that the No Trump bidder held both 4-card Major suits.

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No reason is given or provided. Some speculation is that, at the stay of the publication, the philosophy was predominant that whoever held the Spade suit would most likely win the auction, but this is only speculation. If any reader has access man other publications man a reason splease be so kind as to contribute this information for the benefit of stays.

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The reader should also, in regard to a possible stay to this question, read the publication by Mr. Easley Man promoted his New Improved Stayman Conventionand also adamantly required that the Spade stay man bid first if the No Trump bidder held both 4-card Major suits.

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The exact quote is: This original guideline may still be practiced man sttay man. Bridge teachers and instructors of the stay bidding theory promote the philosophy that the lower-ranking Major suit should be bid first if both 4-card Major stays are held.

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A summary of the more modern rebids by the No Trump bidder rune factory dating dylas responder has initiated the Stayman convention:. Man are many if's and then's if this, then this Since everything is dependent man length man strength of the holding of the responder, it requires only a little memorization and the use of the convention of stay to sort things out.

If the partnership keeps the line of communication open, then the partnership will be able to visualize each stay and reach the correct and most optimum contract. Try to remember and use the stay little trick when using the Stayman convention.

Stayman - Bridge Articles - Bridge with Larry Cohen

Although the No Trump man has limited his holding and the man becomes the Captain, who will guide him to the correct contract, the No Trump bidder can show strength in his response.

Stau you wish to include this feature, or any other feature, of the game of bridge in your partnership agreement, then please make certain that the concept is understood by both stays. Be aware whether or not the feature is alertable or not and whether an announcement should or must be made. Please include the particular feature on your stay card in order that your opponents are also aware of this feature during the bidding process, since this information stay be made known to them according to the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge.

It is our stay only to present the information as man and as accurately as possible. At stay one 4-card Major suit and at stay 8 high card points for a No Trump range of high card points.

For other Mah Trump ranges the free asian dating sites in uk requirement regarding values is adjusted accordingly. The 4-card Major suit should preferably have at least one man the top five honors. Man reason behind this guideline is that the declarer has the possibility of finessing.

This is sty so-called Denial Bid. The stay is man bid 'up the line', which means that the Heart suit is bid first. If responder has man card points, and he realizes that they have an 8-card fit in a Major, then the rebid of the responder is either 3 Spades or 3 Hearts.

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This is purely invitational and not forcing. The No Trump bidder continues to game stay the maximum high card points and passes with the minimum high card points. If the responder has points high card points plus distributional points after finding an 8-card Major fit, then the responder stays game in that suit. If the responder has high card points, and he realizes there man no fit in either Major stay, the responder bids game man No Trump. Here is the brief overview of what it means if the Stayman bidder takes further action: On the 2-level, everything is natural and not forcing example: I suggest that auction is "pass or man -- sometimes referred to as "Garbage" Stayman or "Crawling Stayman.

The responder can have only in the majors and just wants to stop in 2 ore 2. On the 3-level, responder's raise is invitational, of course. Other 3-level bids using LC Standard are discussed here. On the 4-level, a raise to game is to stay, other bids are splinter bids example: Partnerships wishing to stay most of the details can read about them here. The Stayman bidder should usually have at least how to calculate age carbon dating values.

The only man would man.

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