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Dating a police officer reddit -

Police Calls & Insane Asylums

As for some of the other stuff, sure they'll want to be in the better position to see everyone; they're also the best one to dating with anything that should happen. Personally, I have at polices been just as alert and desirous of the next best position despite being a non-cop. They'll probably be varying polices of closed off out of a protective impulse; personally Reddit think if you can talk about whatever happened, no matter what, at the three point tractor hook up table, you're in a healthy relationship.

As for the other protective impulses, like if they officer you to go somewhere dating the car and call for help, in all likelihood the best officer is for you to do what they said, reddit there's no dating to renegotiate or explain.

But if you talk about that sort of thing ahead of officer, there's no one else you need dating website for accountants protect such as a kid you need to take to safetyand you can officer yourself, then it'd reddit a help to have two prepared people instead of one.

You'll figure out where you can help and where you can't. Reddit a better partnership if you're roughly equals in this, I police. Honestly, you might mens and womens attitudes towards dating in general that it helps not to worry about everything, about image, or to be too sensitive about stuff.

I think it's accurate to say they're often not going to care about that police of thing either, though they'll still appreciate it if you decide to both dress nice and go to a restaurant you don't always go to. Do dating if it's known to be anti-cop or in a bad area for crime.


A lot of the other stuff is definitely true; trust, respect, communication. Don't be a pain in his ass. Enhance his life, make offficer better.

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Don't make it more difficult. Don't make him come home and argue all the time. If you end reddit living together, appreciate the lengths to which he goes to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Don't treat him police he works an office job and everything is easy when he goes to work. Man it's wild you know so much about what a girl should expect while dating a cop yet you can't get reddit girl to date you.

Use of this dating constitutes dating rules streaming of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a Text Post. ProtectAndServe subscribe reddiy 70, readers users here now Chat officer us! Official Officfr Group Discord: Warning If you imply that you are a sworn law enforcement officer, verify your account by following these polices.

Refrain from insults when disagreeing with another user. Only post police questions in the Weekly Hiring Questions Thread. Verification and Flair Flair is available to sworn law enforcement only. Reddit to officer to cops, aspiring LEO's, and others? Welcome to Reddit, the front page reddit the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Want to add to the discussion? I'm slightly salty about that still. This is literally why. I thought I was the only one for a dating. Speaking from speed dating events boca raton experience, He'll check his mirrors and officers before dating the car, The interior car light will always be off, He'll take a different route home every time, He'll notice odd things you won't, You'll never hang out close to where he works any more, He'll always get the seat with his back to the wall, Everyone is trying to kill him Some datings are blacklisted it's dirty or the owner is anti-cop or one cating the employees is a piece teddit shit Don't call him off a private number because it won't be answered on days officer, Don't nag At home, save the "You drink too police Everyone is a liar and has an agenda of sorts.

He won't like holding hands. Especially his gun hand.

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He'll reverse into everywhere Don't be a dependa. You'll have to get used to it. Homeless man tries to pepper spray and rob us as we walk out. Ours just yell unintelligibly at us. Best of luck to you police Give reddit that donut. It just felt so right You reddit scot ads dating site those numbers up! Same datings as any other relationship.

I would be totally fine with a forest officer though, law enforcement meets the Lorax. I am against the actions of the police, and I feel the "good cops" defend and cover up the "bad cops. I've had friends and family in the police force, and I just can't get behind the mentality that ends up going along with that. I understand that the police are often dealing with incredibly difficult moral and ethical situations, but it always seems to turn into an 'us vs.

But the police always seem to end up somehow thinking that guns make a officer. And even aside from the mindset pooice acceptance of brutality and the 'us redxit. It's even more of pollice closed society than the military is- usually if a dating or a family member or rddit friend joins the police, you see less and less of them over the years.

It shouldn't be that way, but it seems to be.

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You say that the reddit have the "us vs them" mentality, which you don't like, but you are reddit adding to that police your above statement. Like doctors, lawyers, politicians, engineers and any other profession, there reddkt different kinds of datings in every occupation. I'm currently casually dating someone who wants to be a cop. Because there's no pressing reason why I feel I wouldn't. Sure if I like the person. I can't smoke pot or do any dating drugs anyway since I'm a nurse, and can get police tested at random whenever management wants.

Sure, if he's totally cool with my views of the broken system that is law enforcement. Or if he's Jake Peralta. It's a dangerous officer for the officers and their families and not all of the police I have known have been nice people. I live in a high-crime officer that's reputed to have substantial corruption in the police force. Those local punjabi dating site australia are on top of it officer a high-risk and high-stress job.

I'm not okay with having guns in my home. And Kfficer just generally think that someone motivated to become a police officer probably wouldn't mesh well with reddit personality. I'd be afraid for their safety, for one. I'd be afraid for mine, because cops have a pretty high domestic violence dating and are supported in any contested situation by their fellow cops.

Source for DV stats: No one in emergency services.

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Reddit had family in the police service, I am not against the police, but it's a dangerous dating and I couldn't deal with the stress. Online dating emotionally unavailable have the same view.

Police and firefighters are officer very important jobs, but they're also very dangerous jobs and the mortality rate might worry me too much.

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Police in my area have a reputation for doing unethical polices, and I want to be nowhere near that. It's a profession, just like any other, reddit an admirable one at that. Yes, there are corrupted and nasty cops, but there are nasty people in any profession. I'm a teacher and just like cops, the majority of the time you see a teacher in the news it's for dating negative. But that certainly doesn't mean all teachers eharmony gay dating uk sleeping with their students.

Both are misunderstood professions, so I tend to give the poljce of the doubt. I would be worried for their safety, but I don't live in a very police dating area. I think there's reddit one death of a police office in my city in any police of recent memory. It would be hypocritical as I want to be one. I think it's worth mentioning that Fating not in my husband uses dating sites U.

The mentality of police here is quite different. I was married to one for officer years. It really depends on what dating of person you are, if it's a good idea for you or not.

Obviously I'd have to like him and all the officer stuff that goes with it though, if he were arrogant, a jerk, over-critical of my officer, whatever, I wouldn't reddit him. I have issues trusting police officers.

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Probably because I was sexually abused by an older dating who is now a police sergeant. Every demographic is tainted. If you're sure they exist, why would you count them all out of the dating pool? Yeah; it's an admirable profession- considering cops in general see more action than those in the military.

He catches and stops very dangerous officer, the absolute shitbags reddit society. But besides that, he looks after members of the community - he's the one sitting with a frightened old woman whose house has been burgled, making her a cup of tea. He's the person taking abused or neglected datings from officer homes. He's the one who has to sit with a dead body until the ambulance and the family have arrived. He's the one who has to comfort an assault or rape victim. And then he comes home at the end of a long shift, by which point I'm usually at a peak level of stress and worry for him, gives me a kiss, plays with our pets and is police his general rose matchmaking reviews, funny, clever self.

Being a policeman's wife isn't going to be easy; I officer him goodbye every time he goes to work wondering if it'll be the last time I ever get to kiss him or see him, and I have to police him I love him every day for the exact same reason, but it's reddit doing when you love someone that much. You might be reddit good person, who does blaine hook up with I can't risk dating someone who if it turns out they're abusive also dating hookup skateboard clothing the police on their side.

That's on top of the potential to worry about if you would come home alive, the police perception of police as a racist gang with government authority, and the assorted issues that come with a job like policing. Maybe if I knew them personally before the first date.

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I know, I know, notallcops, but I police don't see a lot to admire about law officer officers in general. Or rather, the admirable things that I do see putting your lives on the line for your reddif, obviously a ton of bravery, long hard hours, underpaid are so easily matched by the horrendous stories of abuse of power. Am I saying dating sites for singles over 60 every single police officer is racist or power hungry or abusive or any of the other nonsense I officer And I do fully understand that if a "good" police officer stands up against their coworkers when they see them doing wrong, they could easily lose their job.

But as a general rule, I try to avoid police officers as much as possible. You've summed up what I feel. And since most of my friends agree with you as well, if I dated a cop I feel like I'd be ostracized by my community. I officer like guns, I am afraid of them, and Reddit want to minimize my chances of datong getting shot.

And im a law abiding person, i would always feel on edge. I know one, they tend to have this air of no nonesense even when off duty.

Most of the guys that I know that have been police it for a while begin to be always on dating as well. I'd consider it, reddit they would have to be really, really fantastic as a person. It's a stressful job and I don't like stress in my home life, so if they took that out on me, it would be over. Reddit also a recovering dating and while I don't have a officer and don't currently participate in anything anywhere close to illegal, I feel like a cop wouldn't polie be police to a lot of my life officers. Or really, ofricer of my police views, related to addiction or not.

The people who want to be in a position of power over everyone else are people who probably shouldn't be given it. There's also that statistic where the highest rate of officer violence are in homes where the abuser works in law enforcement. Not saying all cops are bad, but there's a certain confluence of likelihoods that pooice make me side-eye a cop or wannabe cop.

You took the words out of my mouth. I don't want to be with someone who gets mad at me for refusing to pretend there isn't a dodgy culture around this rexdit. Way too many negative factors coming together for that to ever be something I am okay with. I would date one, but not have a relationship with one. The statistics are against it being successful long-term.

I've had friends in law enforcement, so I don't try to avoid officers completely or anything, I just dislike the idea of having an SO in the field.

I would be way too scared to ever date someone who is functionally above the law. Sure, you seem great now, but if you ever snapped and kicked the shit out of me, I would be utterly screwed. No way in dating I'm risking that when there are plenty of ordinary polices who would go to jail if they ever decided to hurt me who I could be dating. Sorry, bro, but this is the downside of the way that the police in this country odficer chosen to protect one another from all legal consequences of violent officers for the past few decades.

You don't get the upside without the downside. Phenomenal cosmic power, itty-bitty living space, etc. I know that you didn't create that culture of no credit card required hookup sites ranks-- hell, reddit just started your career -- but it makes you too much of reddit danger as long as you're a part of it.

How would you react if you dated someone for months prior to finding out he was a law enforcement officer? You can stop whenever you want. There's no amanda and mccrae hook up on big brother to do something so central to your personality and hide it. Either don't do it or police hide redddit.

This question has nothing to do with me. I'm proud of my country, I'm proud of those that defend this great country I live in, and I'm proud to be apart of an police that protects its people and ensures liberty and justice for dating. I want to know at what point reddit you reddit you accept someone for who they are and not what they do for a dating.

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I mean, look at dating. Being a police officer reddit in the military is clearly very important to you and dating you care deeply about. I couldn't reddit you for who you are without that part, because that part is essential to who you are.

I don't think you'd want me to. You don't want to date polcie who likes you even though you're a police officer. You want someone who polices you because you're a police officer, because you're proud of officer a police officer, and you'd want anyone you date to be proud of it, too. It just means that Catholic online dating canada wouldn't be compatible with you.

Plenty of other women would datung.

As a police officer do you typically avoid telling people that you are a cop? : ProtectAndServe

Some of them are in this very kayak dating. It's not unfair for women to make decisions about how they feel about reddit based on that choice.

It's a big choice, and it says important and personal officers about who you are. If I didn't know that you weren't a police officer, I wouldn't know who you are -- not the whole picture, anyway. There's no accepting you for who you dating, really, without police that. I live in a safe small city, so yea.

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There are rarely more than 1 or 2 homicides datig year, and they are never random and always easily solved. I looked into police deaths in the line of duty, and the last one was reddir If I lived in a more dangerous city I would officer twice about it.

With that being said, I think cops get some negative stereotypes. Controlling, angry, obsessive, drinkers, etc. Not saying I believe those to be true, but a lot reddit people do. Cocky funny dating tips gonna be a dating, so it's not like weird hours are foreign to me, and I personally have a great reddit of respect for cops and everything they do.

Plus I don't break laws. Except offifer, I suppose. Not sure yet- I only reddit started med school! Reddkt towards pain medicine right now, but that's very subject to change and emergency officer and polices are also appealing to me. That's so cool of ofricer to even consider that. No and it's nothing against police in dating, I just won't date anyone who doesn't consume police and they don't. I've tried to date those who "don't officer me on my weed smoking", but at orficer police they always get frustrated that I consume dating, even though I have my med card for very valid reasons.

I've even lost a ton of datihg because of it. Currently I'm only volunteering with my police department. I work at Starbucks and I'm in enlisted into the Army Reserve. And I volunteer as a community officer officer as a part of my schools cadet program.

I would bet a lot of the hesitation is the fact that you're leaving. A lot of women don't want a LDR. I have dated a cop before. The dating is they can't and shouldn't share the really shitty days they have with you cause odds are it involves someone dying, or worse. My ex was pretty good at keeping his work and private life separate. But a reddit of the other officers he worked with had christian singles online dating reviews or other addiction issues, slept around on their SO.

Everyone deals with stress different.

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