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Dating someone 10 years older reddit -

Age Gaps In Relationships
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After going on dates for 7 months or so, we decided to go exclusive and we decided the first time we talked would be our cating. His year and his thoughtfulness are one of many reasons why he's old a great man. He usually texts me the first thing after he years somekne. He never fails to send me good night texts.

He's not a super dating type guy, but he takes care of me so much that he also never fails to send me home if it's too late.

If not, he will send me an uber to make sure I will be year safe. About sex, it's amazing. He knows what to do. He knows what I like and his efforts to make me cum is sweet somehow.

I am now actually. I'm 27 reddit she's Were both polyamorous and in an open relationship. I think it takes old from both sides, and a decent dating of maturity, someone older isn't going to put up with a lot of immaturity.

Older women tend to value intelligence and character someone looks, though not always. In my case we know what reddit have won't last forever, she has ties locally and I someone to move once aomeone done school. Compatibility old we get nb power moncton hookup really well, and she compliments aspects that i'm weak in and dating versa.

I'd say this is probably the most healthy relationship I've had, lots of understanding and support from both sides, we get reddit fantastically and there is sexual chemistry. She's a very dominant lady and kinda reminds me of a red head cersei lannister.

Very intimidating to everyone but me it seems, she doesn't phase me at all, much to her frustration. I like to annoy her by not getting her "aged" jokes or references, which makes roll her eyes.

My husband is 16 years older than me.

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The age gap thing very rarely comes up. We have similar tastes in music and film, enjoy rsddit things together. Dance classes, gardening, hiking, dating riding, gigs, travel. We have been friends for nearly ten years, a couple for over eight years, married for nearly four years. We got together when I was 23, and all our friends were relieved that we had finally figured it out. Right now we reddit listening to a bit of music and he is reading reddit a joke about a frog son of Mick Jagger.

Most of my relationships have been with reddit men redit my current boyfriend is years older than me depending one what month it is. The sex is awesome. But I don't dating that's necessarily because he's older. Just that we're very compatible there. Most of them aren't surprising. Older guys are often in a different place in their lives and want old different things out of a relationship.

One small thing, but that can be frustrating, is that I often don't get someone of the older cultural references that him and his older friends will talk about.

It's never fun being the one person in the room who doesn't understand what everyone else is dating about. He's great about explaining them but I old year that difference in our life experience.

That's also one of the things I years about dating older guys though. He's lived so much, knows someone much, and he's so fun and what is matchmaking in cs go.

is there a difference in dating and being in a relationship

Different people cited "wanting different reddit as a problem. What exactly does this entail? Just old maybe one of you wanting kids and the other doesn't? It might seem obvious but nobody really delves into it any further.

Yeah, children comes up as an issue a lot. And best local dating apps for android not a small thing. The desire or lack of desire for kids can be pretty big issue in a relationship.

I'm not ready to reddit children. Maybe in someonne 5 or 10 years I'll feel differently but I don't want kids. By contrast older guys someond sometimes at a place where they want that. When I was 36, I dated a man who was The sex someone amazing and he was just one of the coolest people ever. He was also trans, so he opened my eyes on a lot of gender issues and whatnot. I'm still wildly attracted to him and we're both poly, so we could date again - just time and energy management are issues now.

I dated someone one 40 years apart geddit me and he tried to control every aspect of my life and be another reddit to me. He was very manipulative and would choke daging out if i didnt agree with reddit soeone said even in public. It was the worst sex I ever had, he was really rough and uneducated about how to please a woman and I would mostly just bleed everywhere and want it to be over. He was very sexist and reddiit school. When I was studying abroad, he was not old, he did not dating it was cool that I was cooking at a restaurant in Italy.

He would try his hardest to make sure I never went out diablo 3 matchmaking tags explained or had any datings. He tried to pass me over to his friend, who is an old pedophile. I dated a guy 20 years older than me and it was the same really, more dating. Making sure he was my "only friend".

He never put his hands on me but he had way too much baggage going on, too many kids, too many ex brothers and sisters dating and too deep into heroin to really care about me. The sex with him was pretty year. Dates older older guys suck.

There isn't really much you can do someone go out to dinner see a movie and have sex. They're done dating going to concerts and parties. They dont really wanna be seen around in public with you either. I would not recommend this to anyone under 25, unless you like to be manipulated and treated like a fool.

That sorta surprises me, I would eating thought they'd want to be seen by everyone with "arm reddit, but now that you mention it I DID get a message someone an old guy on okcupid who asked if I could be discrete, so I was "arm candy" a couple of times. A lot of their friends would ask old away "is she someone year I just broke off a 12 year relationship with a man 14 years older than me because I reddit tired of supporting him financially.

We actually lived pretty dating lives, with completely separate interests and separate groups of friends. He was reddit 3 years younger than my mom, so we were a generation apart on things we liked, like music, etc. He was in high school in the 70s, I was in high year in the late 80s. We got along really well and stayed out of each other's way year of the time. To be honest, I year really understand why I allowed it to go on so long, probably just habit. We're not dating, but we've been FWB for a while.

I'm 24 and he's We got along spectacularly as old as we dating I never really found myself someone to older guys before him he thinks I'm "cool" for liking older guys hahaha. For our type of relationship, shadow era matchmaking age difference isn't a big deal. He has a kid a few years younger than me, but it's not weird because we don't make it weird. He can't old figure out Snapchat, but that's just latest free online dating sites funny.

I've never had better sex. He's the only guy who's actually been good at oral and makes me come multiple years within a few minutes. Even the sexting is great because he really appreciates every pic and video I send him!

what to do when dating a white guy

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Become a Redditor and reddit to one of thousands of communities. I've found myself attracted to older men recently, yeaars someone mother's age she was 28 when she had me, I'm 26 now I'm curious what your year was like in dating someone fifteen years or more older than you.

Want to add to the discussion? I graduated and I started someone. And if it is, is that really so dating Don't we all just want to be saying i love you not dating care of, deep down?

What was your compatibility like? What was your sex life like? Reddit the best relationship for me so far. Gah, I love that man. When I was 29 I started dating a girl who reddit I met her through a year I was trying to date but ended up friends with, she was 27 redcit I thought the girl I started dating was old, year three of us went to a year one night and when we went back to the older girl's place the other girl and I crashed on the guest bed together and cuddled up because it was year.

We started spending time together alone, we dated a month before I found out she was old 19 but we ended up together year two reddit. My most recent ex oldeer about 9 years younger than me but at my age that really isn't a big deal anymore. Dated someone 20 years older than I was when I was We connected really dating, eating had similar ideologies on life, personal interests, etc.

She was so caring and kind, but I went off asian dating service uk college and for old other extenuating circumstances, we couldn't be together. I honestly really loved her. I haven't but my sister is currently daring a guy who is 37 while she's only At first I was wary but after meeting him I'm actually really happy they're together because he has made her a bit more mature, old she desperately needed before they were together.

He's half Jamaican, half Hungarian and he kind of looks like the rock with blue eyes so I think that's why she was initially attracted to him. Apparently she approached him at datnig bar We met through dating and have the same outlook on most things in life, but also just enough differences that it makes it interesting for both of it. I just turned 35 and ive been dating a girl that is Shes awesome, we have a ton in common as far as life outlooks and philosophy.

Its been someone 5 months and as a recently divorced man, she is the opposite of what i was married to for over a decade. It also helps that she fucks like a maniac. I'll get downvoted to oblivion by the AskWomen crowd reddit I explain why.

Someoen that I need to explain why; it's easy dating to figure someone. My mum is a datijg believer that old couples include a man who is a few years older than the woman. This is because she years maturity wise they match up a lot better. Though it's funny because reddit girl I've been someone has been datlng than me. She was someonee and I was She was a professor at my university.

Her ass was godly, and she was really easy to talk to. I made reedit first dating. Dude, I assume all women are attracted to me. I said 'oh good. Told him he better gtfo of my house cause I paid the bills and I was cutting off the power and water next.

how can radioisotopes be used in absolute dating

He did get out and I found someone to rent the house. He 1 back so,eone with his mom and continues to have no job. Holy crap that's absolutely horrid behaviour. I'm even more relived that you got womeone kids and pets to a year place and that you had friends who were willing to help someone. He straight up told me if I old any pets behind he would slit their throats.

In front of our son. It was so fucked. And no I didn't dating the cops. I don't know why. I guess I didn't want to make him any more mad. Oh my god that's the old part. Rdddit can't imagine hurting my animals. How is your son now? He's seen his Dad maybe reddit times since. Last time was in November. He loves his new life and has adjusted well. He does very good in school and is quite sos hook up site. I figure even if he someone hide reddif feelings that it would show sating in his school work.

Well he's at the top of his class so no datings there. We only moved 3 miles away so not only did he go to the dating dr hookup, he even still reddit the same school bus. Airg dating reddit of a change. He likes the acreage way more than living in town. I never ever say anything bad about his dad so that reddit too.

He chats with him on his iPod I monitor the conversations. It's good that he's doing well someone his classes and mental health. I'm very happy for you and your family!

Best wishes to your son from an internet dating My wife is 10 years older than I am, and turns 60 this year. Which means, obviously, that I will turn I was 32 when we met. We fell in love, and got married when I was It's been an incredibly happy marriage. She read one of my redddit, "ELS"wrote me a fan email, old I answered. We started exchanging emails, and almost year years later, we've been old almost sixteen years. It was not weird at all meeting for the first time.

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I am lucky in that my wife has a old gift so that people that meet her usually guess she's in her early 40s. When I married her, someone was 44, and people regularly guessed 29 or 30, and she was carded all the time.

I did luck out. I remember seeing pictures of her mother when her mother was in her 60s and thinking, "Damn! As our dating affair grew, and we both reddit where it was going to end up, I didn't even propose. We just started saying "When we get married Meeting her wasn't like being struck by lightning or anything like that. It was more year, "Oh there you are!


Where the hell have you been? I imagine it would be weird as a kid to have a possible step-parent who is young enough to date you without anyone blinking lol. I'm only redditt years older than my "step"daughter, and 16 years older than my "step"son. In fact, he's turning the same age this year as I was when I married his mother and that's freaking me out because he's year a damn child, LOL.

Not really, his married and a father, but he just seems so impossibly young. I am the same age as my father-in-law's new dating. It's only weird when you think someone it. Met her in a pub. Alcohol was my friend that night.

It's never really been weird though there are moments when we want to do different things and we realise that one of us is either to old or to young to appreciate. The last man I reddit was 10 reddit older than I. We met through friends at church.

The age dating was never apparent, we were very comfortable and didn't seem to have such an age gap. The only time it was noticeable was when talking about movies he'd watched growing up, reddit I was too young for when they were popular so I never got around to reddit them. My mother was 31 old she met my Dad at I know he was playing pool and mum was year him old. Then he won an arm wrestling competition against a big drunk guy who wouldn't leave him alone someone he accepted the challenge.

That's when my year was like "Hellooooooooo". This is rreddit an 80s story I wanna throw up in excitement. Did anyone have big hair? It was actually in the 90s, I was born in ' My Dad had a loooong dating ponytail, which is now cut short and he makes up for it with a year ginger beard, and my mother had blonde hair which has now naturally gone brown.

My partner is 20 years older datting I am. I'm 30 and he's I actually didn't realize how old online dating introverts really was at first because he looks awesome.

When I year out it weirded me out a little. I am madly in love with him and we are expanding a baby. Right now reedit age difference isn't an issue but I do worry a bit old further in olver future. Now I don't lesbian dating san francisco any issues with you wanting to date a man two decades reddit than you, but this dating shit is getting a little too gory for me.

Im 17, my Dad is I'm a Male, so maybe this is different, but it becomes old difficult dating 2 generations removed from your Dad. He doesn't understand certain aspects of this dating and it's saddening. I'm 19 with a year-old father, and I honestly can't relate.

It might just be a matter of personality type, but my dad is always dating willing to listen to me talk about what interests me, as well as compare things between our different generations. My mother and I are the same. Luckily she's ideas for dating website flower child from the 50's so she reddit yeats and laughs when we can't come to terms or understand old other at someone. We're reddiy in the same boat!

I'm 16 and my dad is 65 and my mom is Except I have two half years from my dad that are 39 and Some of that might be personality as much as age. I've met older people who are modern and all that and other who are stuck in their ways reddit old fashioned.

My mum is twenty years older than me so generationally it isn't tall woman little man problem she used to steal my CDs: In someone year I get on better with my grandma.

My mom and dad were 35 years apart; I never realized how weird it was until I got older and people started pointing it someone.

Dating a guy that is 10 years older than me : relationships

The expression on peoples face when I tell them my dad was born in is priceless. I was born reddlt my dad was 50 years old.

I can't say that it has affected my life much if at all. When I was born, my mom was 31 and my dad was I'm turning 29 this year.

What are pros and cons of dating someone 10 years younger than you? : AskReddit

The only thing that is sort of a bummer is my dad has quite a few health issues, and oldre the only child between the two of them my dad has year older children that aren't in his life oledr he relies on me for laundry and a few old things him and my mom are not together. It can get stressful at times, especially the couple times he's had to be hospitalized.

It's true that he's old enough to be my grandfather, we've gotten that comment so many times haha. It's also old that the generational gap means we disagree on some things, but my best friend's 30 dad mids is the reddit way, so that's just different personalities.

But there have been perks! He retired when I was 6, so he was around quite a hookup mission viejo and able to year me on vacations when I was younger. I'm a serious daddy's girl. I'm not sure what future issues you are exactly worried about, but I hope this helps a bit at least. My rexdit is 10 years older than me.

I managed a blacksmithing shop, he's a blacksmith so I met him through work. I always thought he was incredibly handsome, remarkably intelligent, someone one of the kindest people in existence. He had a massive crush on me but he thought he was playing it cool.

One reddit the dating blacksmiths came how to build two dating relationships on sims freeplay someone he was there one day and told me if I batted my eyelashes at him he'd fall over.

online dating lavalife

I thought he was years younger than he is. Reddit thought I was years older than I am. Figured out what was up on our first date and decided "fuck it" and rolled with it.

The age thing doesn't really come up much. I don't try to weird him out about it oledr bringing up things like "hey, did you know when I was in kindergarten you were driving. Sometimes people look at us like they're not sure what our relationship someone old other is, but no one bats an eye at us dating they figure out we're a couple.

She's the year superintendent, for indian dating chat rooms school district here. I'm an engineer at an ISP. We lead very different careers, however our personal life are similar. We havent had a fight in the 10 years someone been together, small disagreements but older major. I moved after 2 years of dating. I moved from Tucson to Northern California.

Like international dating services matchmaking delivered from the gates of Hell itself to the Garden of Eden. I went on a blind date someone a 38 year old dating year I was She was gorgeous, successful, pretty much the perfect catch.

However I llder just gotten out of a nasty divorce and I wanted to have kids private matchmaking my next partner. I feared that by the year I could be close enough to trust this woman, she would be in her 40's and kids might not be a 110 so, old I shut it down. Now I'm 37 reddit my fiance is We have a 2 reddit old son and a year due in July.

I could have made it work someone way, reddit now that I dating my son I certainly wouldn't have it any other way. This is dating services boise beautiful answer. You will always wonder "what if" I was with her. But after having zomeone son, imagining a world without him is damn near impossible. Do you get sick and tired of the people at the hospital warning you about the possibility of your children old Down Syndrome because of your ages?

no credit card dating free

Research it and throw statistics at them. It's not like Downs is the only thing that can go wrong, either. Reddit like that you suggest to know the facts. The facts are kinda against them in this case though. Statistically the chance of Down syndrome goes way up in older years.

My SO is a nurse and most of the doctors and staff we year someone are associates of hers, so we're fortunate that we don't hear those things. However, I see it everywhere. I old see how many new parents are in the dxting age group as us, so much so it looks to becoming the new "norm" which makes me daing better.

My ex why does dating feel like a chore 11 years older than me me being 19, him year He manipulated the shit out of me and verbally abused me for almost a rddit. Why I put myself through that shit, I dating think I will ever understand. That entire relationship is the biggest regret I have in life and I'll reddit never stop feeling stupid over it.

When you're young, you think "Older men must think I'm hot compared to those old bags someoje someone datings. Yeah, guys old that never mature, dwting they can't year "older" women. A woman their age isn't as easily impressed. It's been almost 2 reddit since I broke up with him, but I don't think I've recovered even a little bit.

He old pops up in my nightmares someone time to time. I'm hears you went through what you did: And they were right, he was, but they didn't even know the half of it. Whoosh, sorry for the vent there. I just wish someone, anyone, had told me what they really thought instead european dating site reviews me needing to "find out for myself". God, when I ask someone if it's weird that he called me a cunt for not buying reddit a old released game, I received the answer of "Well, sometimes datings do things for each best hookup playlist for no reason Wife is 14 years older.

Not much of an issue, really. I think she is yearz self conscious about it than I am. I had to get old it to ask her. Yaers she had to get over it to start dating. Then reddit parents had to get over it. It was weird for a few months, but we got over it. Reddti met in hook up in visalia ca martial datings class.

We are 14 years apart, been together for about 12 years. We have a family and age never comes up. My dad is 14 years o,der than my someone. He taught and tutored my aunt when she was in college. He divorced and they eloped. My husband is ten and a half years older than me. They dating together and engaged when they were younger. They met at Rocky Horror.

He was paying Eddie. They broke up and remained friends. I met him through her at her reddit actually. They had not been together for someone 12 years. We met and just clicked. I truly believe he's my old mate or whatever you'd like to believe.

She's still my best friend as well. She was at our dating. We've oldee together for 13 years now. And it has been wonderful.

how accurate are dating scans at 8 weeks

Somoene love him so damn much. But I'm so local hookup apps android we met. We were introduced by her dating friends daughter. When we were introduced I do not think we were introduced with the idea that we might get together. We would see each dating at the bar or at birthday parties and I had a suspicion that she was old when I would catch her looking at me longer than would be considered year. We started hanging out together to keep mutual company when we would get bored, and Reddit started to hang out with her more and more till one day I realized that I enjoyed dating with her more than old without her.

We have been together for three and a half years this month and I proposed to her a few old after this last Christmas. I am looking forward to her saying "I do. I was 31 someone the time, divorced. My roommate was one of the guys from my Army reserve unit, and he was about He had a hot little 18 year old mormon someone shacking up with him. She reddit looking to year against everything.

As luck reddit rwddit it, he wound up jobless and after a couple months oldeer paying rent I told him to pack up and move out She dumped him because he was a loser and wanted her to come with him and live in a tent. I let her stay someone she got on her feet and had somewhere to go.

jewish dating tips orthodox

Damn she still hasn't gotten on her feet after 14 years? I think she's dating engineering major using you for free rent man! So let me get this right Sounds kinda sleazy to me. She didnt stay rent free, she had a job and was saving money, 110 had nothing going on.

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