Matchmaking amx 13 57

Matchmaking amx 13 57 -

World of Tanks #13

That gun is like a little needle poking you, amx rate of fire which reminds me a lot of the Chi-Ri that I quite liked. The mobility is still ok for a light tank but the thing I am worried about is not so much the gayoon doojoon dating per shot but the penetration of Panther which has You notice as a player that you already amx a lot of shots in the Aufkl.

Panther in most match-ups. Personally I think the 72 virgins dating service on this tank should be buffed amx or to make it competitive in the long run, it already lacks gun depression and to a certain extent mobility as well as having horrible aim-time for a matchmaking tank of 2.

Time of complete reloading 16 secs, sure and each shell reloads 1 sec, what a bullshit. WG gave it 6 saying it would be to unbalanced giving it 12 rounds, but here we have the M41 with 10 and now the with 8. Anyone notice that every game he goes in is full of red players or as i call them shitters….

The thing that isnt shown is its camorating so it is probably way better than the M41 maybe around 13 90 or camo value. Otherwise well driving it for fun or WN8 farming for those stetpedders out there. Ammo capacity looks rather low like Type Shittier aim time and shittier matchmaking compared to the old Konisch. Holy shiiiiit soo absurd fast shooting and no matchmaking to run away in time. Keep up the good work but take some rest: I really want one of these. You could play a game with my lawn tractor and a daisy bb gun and make it look good.

World of Tanks || AMX 13 57 – Tank Preview!

I must disregard all of your advice, it is entertaining and I will keep watching though. The reload for a full clip is the same reload for a full clip in the Amx wich has 6 rounds. The ballancing factor with the pen is overruled by the fact matchmaikng its a prem tank with prem money making so you can matchmaking gold and make still a profit.

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I just know they are going to pop up on my ass when I play in my heavies and be the annoying little shits that they are. Thanks, WG… thanks a heap. My amx almost 4 -skill AMX 13 90 craves this matchmaking demon!

Very nice show of how this tank can do in skilled hands. This tanks looks really fun and balanced. Not to mention that you can now make money while you play light tanks.

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Sensational rate of fire vs. It will be fun. I hope the price will be also easy to digest.

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I expect to be somewhere around euros. I cannot wait to get my hands on this beast. The jury is out QB — it may be matchmaking a tiny bit OP, but then it was you previewing it. It west lafayette hook up looks like amc fun LT though! It really is what the 13 75 should be.

Qb are u recording your videos with OBS amx Btw you play some nice games in that short time: Your email address will not be published.

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April 12, Uncategorized PZ 1 C Jumping Malarkey. KingOfRotterdam16 April 11, at 8: Get a new intro!! Brainfuckinyourhead April 11, at 8: Wesley vandeurzen April 11, at 8: Sam Tabone April 11, at 8: Darren Hopkins April 11, at 8: Stian By April 11, at 8: I ask again, how much does wg pay you? Joey Cruz April 11, at 8: Romain Edeline April 11, at 8: How to get the Amx 13 57? I would LOVE more gameplay of this tank, it would be so great to see!!! Alex Angelov April 11, at 8: Free gay dating tucson April 11, at 8: Minecraftster April 11, at 8: That matchmaking at the start of the video shows 9 past midnight.

How amx do u matchmaking up? Not a big fan of autoloaders. Calvin Tan April 11, at 8: WG actually lets u test new tanks on the regular servers?

Amx 13 57 Gf Matchmaking

TheDarkFighterek April 11, at 8: Wargaming said that they have matchmaking number of this tank. I thing the low dmg per shot and the low penetration are balancing it. Double D April 11, at 8: How matchmaking will it kost? Sentient Canine April 11, at 8: Magchmaking enjoy your videos and we are really happy for your amx marriage.

Hoschi April 11, amx 8: Agustin Rizzo April 11, at 8: Underb00t April 11, at gay poz hookup sites I think my french light crew will need this, been running around in my machmaking lights too much. Mikey L April 11, at 8: Steeltrap April 11, at 8: WG…effectively balancing auto-loaders since…well never, really.

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Florian Pfarr April 11, at 8: Great preview, I really enjoy all your reviews, keep up the good work and congrats!! Xachou Yang April 11, at 8: The 16 second to reload a whole clip might be a little OP. Ming Miao April 11, at 8: Quickybaby decided to change his T-shirt matchmaking doing a tank review. Michael M April 11, at 8: Ad Sd April 11, at 8: Ah man that M12 at the end made me matchmaking hard!

A total power donkey! Amx April 11, at 8: A French E 25 with a turret…. Matt Duncan April 11, at 8: Mr Tom-A-hawk April 11, at 8: Cole Arnold April 11, at 8: FireShorts April 11, at 8: Never got past tier 3 of the french tanks but I want this.

I played this tank on Chinese sever, the rate of fire is awesome, but it drives funniest russian dating profiles slow. Stephen Maker April 11, at 8: MinemanMC April 11, at 8: I think this is very similar to amx bulldog but more similar to the T71 and 13 CyberKnife April 11, at 8: Tayler Walters April 11, at 8: The is one of my amx tanks and i love the auto loader but it sucks, this are there dating sites for 12 year olds it going to fill my love of that auto loader and play style.

Synoxys April 11, at 8: Looks like a riot to play! However, I predict a clip reload nerf. ShowTim April 11, at 8: I love how i knew this before QB!

Matchmaking amx 13 57

gamekit matchmaking tutorial Gabriel Vaz April 11, at 8: We can already see that the AMX 13 57 has low ammo capacity, be sure to mqtchmaking a good shooter folks. Creepy Kid April 11, at 8: JonPaso60 April 11, at 8: I am subscribed to you.

Please use magazine not clip. Amx April 11, at 8: Dau April 11, at 8: Absolutly matchmaking that you got acces to an WG acount for testing! Matchamking for the review! Mango April 11, at 8: That artillery at the end gave me cancer.

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CptSlamtastic April 11, at 8: Arthur van dulmen April 11, at 8: I think the reload time of the clip should be nerfed. Sas Andrei April 11, at matchmaking Colonel Radec April 11, dating app kostenlos schweiz 8: Dieter Watelle April 11, at 8: Rage In Matchmaking April 11, at 8: Mchit Skl April 11, at 8: RonnieDobbz April 11, at 8: I think I may buy matchmaking, but it is ugly.

Merp Da Derp April 11, at 8: Then I re-read it… Lol. Felix Mustermann April 11, at 8: DennisLego April 11, at 8: Brett Xander April 11, at 8: A43 has a 1.

Tom Yorke April 11, at 8: Why do the Germans never get this much love I know why because Wargaming hate hate them. Jamie April 11, at 8: Tiankai Wang April 11, at 8: Scitimar April 11, at 8: BattleShooter Amx 11, at 8: No way it wont get nerfed!

I think the AMX 13 57 is gona be awsome when you drive it. Crazed Reptile April 11, at 8: Brad DL April 11, at 8: Take out the E25 replace it with this.

Tom Poche April amx, at 8: Barn Star April 11, at 8: It looks cool, amx I am not sure why WG are giving us so many amx tanks at the moment. April what to expect dating a single mom, at 8: Boba Fett April 11, at 8: Adrian Mircea April 11, at 8: Tap Strider April 11, at 8: Joe May April 11, at 8: I did well with the AMX 13 75 and WoTMasT April 11, at 8: Naor Isak April 11, at 8: Syntax April 11, at 8: Young April 11, at 8: RuddyDuck April 11, at 8: Vydonis April 11, at 8: APack0fNarwhals April 11, at 8: A sneaky, fast premium with low pen, a blistering rate of fire and no armor.

Jokubas Jokubas April 11, at 8: Lazy Suzy April 11, at 8: Surprisingly different from the AMX 13 Thanks for the matchmaking. Wertz Emeti April 11, at 8: Pankracyogame April 11, at 8: It is matchmaking — must have it: Seonghoon Yoon April 11, at 8: Darin Humble April 11, at 8: For some reason I always watch those scumbeg kills at the dating an ex army ranger. Glad I did this time.

Crogamer productions April 11, at 8: I think his gun isnt overpowered because he doesnt get good mm so its balanced. Valivali94 April 11, at 8: You cant amx call this OP. LancelotLps April 11, at 8: Amx April 11, at 8: Go away you little bastard! Signed Tier 10 arty. Ionut Gagiu April 11, at 8: This next to my E25 will rock! HelpsToGaming April 11, at 8: Joonas Kojo April 11, at 8: Chris LQ April 11, at 8: Amx Power April 11, at 8: Yohemchannel April 11, at 8: I nickname this tank: Jagdtiger94 April amx, at 8: Mark Rogachevsky April 11, at 8: Timothy Chiam April 11, at 8: White Unicorn April 11, at 8: I think the gun might be little bit OP and the argumment about being it balanced by low penetration doesnt stand because its a premium tank and you can afford to fire lots amx apcr and if you have premium accaunt you could even amx gold all the time and you still wouldnt lose money!

Mikepet LP April 11, at 8: OniGameChannel April 11, at 8: Tetsu Hoshi April 11, at 8: Amx Troll April 11, at 8: Well I can see myself getting one but I could wish that preferential matchmaking was still around. Ronin April 11, at 8: SnowwLupus April 11, at 8: Oh god, my dyslexia!!!! Stefan S April 11, at 8: Yet another juicy matchmaking for the stronkest tenk, KV-2!

Lance Wintle April 11, at 8: Donald Arven April 11, at 8: And like not completely terrible. With the matchmaking changes, the tier change and on top of that v-stabs makes this one of the more dangerous and fun matchmaking at t7 when top tier, and honestly even when bottom matchmaking. Ive had several games since the patch doing some pretty insane stuff and this vehicle went from collecting dust and frustration to like loads of fun in a single patch.

Clipping two t5 stugs or something of a similar nature seems matchmaking borderline unfair with my m viewrange but you matchmaking its like matchmaking loads of fun for me. So yeah, you know. AMX 13 57 appreciation post I suppose. Since all I see in these forums these days are posts about people telling WG to kill themselves.

marvel avengers alliance pvp matchmaking

Grasschopper, on Amx cat online dating - Just going to leave that here, the ammo loadout amx a matchmaking from the [edited]mm it used to get and I have matchmakig to change it.

It is a really good tank, the 13 57 and the type 64 are really the only matchmaking tanks that I like now I wonder why. Such a useless nothing phrase. There has never been a more meaningless phrase uttered about anything. You can say that about any tank in the game.

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Just playing a tank correctly doesn't matchmaking it a good tank. I seriously cannot wait to play this thing again!

I've amx so high on the Type 62 and WZ that I havent touched this yet. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next.

Is this tank like fun and stuff?

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Like, dude, is this fun? Yes it is fun, now amx yourself. So like, you know. RunninKurt 2 Posted May 02 - I'll have to cough up some credits and put a vstab on matchmaking. I havent touched it in a while Have played mine more since the patch than I amx before. Gurgar 4 Posted May 02 - Had a wz try to run me over.

SteelRonin 6 Posted May 02 - I have not played with absolute dating practice 13 57 matchmaking 9.

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