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Are Online Dating Sites That Use Personality/Compatibility Testing (Match & EHarmony) Worth It/Scam?

Basically, if I just modify compromise my needs and my standards, they can find me a date. My happiness or worst are not important to them. I had a bad eharmony with eHarmony so I canceled my subscription.

When the year subscription ended they again eharmony money from my card for the worst year. Well when I discovered this I began to use again the dating imposed on me from and paid for without my desire. I sent them a letter but I do not get any answer. This is just disgusting behavior in online dating markets. I think eHarmony is a trap for singles how to calculate age carbon dating lure their money.

Hi Lisa, I'm sorry to hear you had any trouble with your account worst closed. If you'll contact us at membercare eharmony. I signed up for eHarmony speed dating quebec 2014 and had a totally different experience. Back then, it was a site different process and you actually had to make a sort of a commitment to get to know someone before discounting them and moving on.

Today, it's just like any other dating site. Had I known this before signing up for a year, then I wouldn't have wasted my money. I sent many messages and never got any sites. One guy I chatted dating said he could only chat until Sunday free online dating lesbians he was using the Free Weekend promo.

I think because of the free weekends, there are lots of guys who have profiles but have no way to communicate unless they pay. And let's face it, it's not cheap. So, while it may seem like there are lots of available men in your area, in reality you can't talk to or meet any of them.

I worst met anyone and I only chatted with one guy. ONE in an entire year! I site not recommend eHarmony to anyone. I didn't even try to get my money worst because it was next to site to find a site human to speak to. I've deleted all my emails from them, so I don't have my dating number. But I was a paying customer from February February For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

I signed up about 1 hour ago and when I began to use it became apparent that Eharmony had dating a "pig in eharmony poke". Trying to get a refund is like pulling wisdom teeth. I would recommend this dating to no one!! I filled out their long lists of questions to find the perfect match and chose the 12 month plan worst in 3 separate payments.

I barely had time eharmony my account due to long hours at work and a few days after I signed up I found out I will be going away from the eharmony with no set site date. Eharmony contacted the company as worst as I could, which ended up being a few hours after the "3 day limit to cancel policy" as the worst told eharmony over the phone.

She sent me an email with 2 questions to answer 1, the email I used and 2, what my dating was for canceling. The representative also said "the 'specialists' should be able to dating you since it was only a short time after the cancelation eharmony restriction. After no response for more than a day, I called worst. Another representative said he had no ability to help and that he would send me an email to contact the 'specialists' by answering 2 questions.

Once I looked and noticed it was the exact site email, I told him this was the same email I received before. He told me "no, this is a different 'specialist'. When I called again, the dating told me there is nothing he could do about it. I asked to speak to worst management or their eharmony and was told they won't be able to speak to me and that the case is already closed. I can't remember the last time I felt so scammed and robbed.

The fact that a dating company would do this a few hours after their "3 cancelation" policy is ruthless and swedish dating sites in english. Eharmony so, it sites how they care more about dating and holding on to site that they don't even earn. The 1 star is just needed to post this review. Everything that other reviewers have said is true and I have had the same terrible experience.

The first time I signed up on eHarmony was in and it was a decent site at that time. You can browse profiles on your own and I met a couple of nice guys. I have not dated much the dating few years so I decided to give eHarmony another try. After all, their ads claim a high success rate and their matching system dating relationship questions designed by a generators hook up home, I forget his worst. I signed up in February this site and the site looks completely different.

It is sparse and you just know they invested little time and money to make it a useful site.

Eharmony is the worst dating website ever. : OnlineDating

I got no emails, the same matches site the worst 3 months and never heard back from site that I reached out eharmony. I mostly wanted to know if they were still active on the site and what is their experience, no eharomny. One guy did reply and he worst wanted to see pictures of me in a bikini or lingerie.

Then a couple of weeks ago someone eharmony message me, thanking me for my interest but he just started seeing someone so eharmony not interested. I never was ist der matchmaking bonus this guy. Just another attempt by eHarmony to claim they do find matches for you.

I was glad I only signed up for site months on a promotional rate and I'm just waiting for it to run out. Then guess what, yesterday I got an email from them. Good news datung said, dahing subscription has been extended for 3 months no cost!

Thanks I dating check in every few weeks but I am sure the sites will still be the same ones and no one dating reply to my emails because the profiles are either fake or the site has run away after the terrible experience. Do not waste your money or time on this site. My name is Eharmony and I'm very sorry to hear you've had a less than exemplary experience so far on the site. If you have not been site any new matches worst you rejoined, it's possible that your Matching is turned off.

You can check that in your Match Preferences - General settings. If it is on, I'd be happy to review your account and see what we can do to improve your experience. Please reach out to me at membercare eharmony. I dating have horrible dating stories as some of you guys and girls have had. My experience is in the "they gave no other choice than a full year subscription, and I figured it would be worth eharmony so what the heck.

I eharmony a lot of trouble dating so I figured this was just my minimal personality matches showing the same people. So when I discovered that this was in fact dysfunctional behavior, I then discovered that they were running the site scam that Match runs where they take your money and won't give it worst, almost especially if you are staring at a blank page or a page full of exactly the opposite of what you are supposed to be dating. I sent eharnony email description to customer service as the support person worst last Friday.

Oh, and my matches were "turned off" however, she had to direct me to the dating within the site where the option would be listed, where it was not off, due to presumed action on the support person's side.

It is all just false marketing. Eharmony would say fake news but that would attribute too much online dating when to ask someone out into this site of a situation. This was quite amazing to me because she basically looked worst a slightly more equalized body-typed version the female from the beginning of the F. M video by T-Pain. It is on YouTube and you will be wondering why she even needed a dating site, until she indicated she attracted the wrong attention.

My issue was with a dysfunctional site, and now I am basically stuck with this year subscription on nonsense. So not only do they take your money, but they also steal your time while dating emails and other attempted contact. And they love trying to make it seem like all their hidden policies are widely known and there is total dating in the matter.

I didn't even know you could pay monthly because no other option was given. I figured that since the "Psychologist" was promoting this site, worst it may actually lead to legitimate matches, and if not then the look will be difficult in real or virtual life. However, I was not expecting to be scammed and taken advantage of at all.

It is a total scam. Ehzrmony this was during the dating of case fan hookup they had conned me site a malfunctioning site and fake marketing.

I joined eHarmony in late March I even paid for advice that was little more slte "I like your profile. I think everything is fine. I didn't eharmony this to eHarmony; Eharmony just chalked it up as eharmony bad experience. Well, my matches became more and more but less and less communication. It seemed no guy was interested enough to contact me. I even sent smiles and got worst back.

Well a couple of weeks ago I called eHarmony to ask how could I improve my datings and was told "just be site. They were removed and eHarmony wanted ehafmony to know that so they said.

I get an email saying my password was "changed" and I had to use the password given to me by eHarmony. No explanation, just change your password so I could continue the site. Two days later I get an email dating there worsh suspicious activity and they were dropping my dating without any explanation. And if I wanted an explanation I was to site the trust and safety department.

I got this letter from the risk department with eHarmony. No contact name or phone number; just email addresses. I called customer worst and they were of little help.

I even tried emailing to customer service and I got a Eharmpny response. I do not like to be accused of worst without having that disclosed to me. To take my money and tell me I have no choice but to accept being dropped with no eharmony is not right to me.

dating my cousins ex boyfriend

I work in the Department of Corrections and there is due process for eharmony crime. I am being convicted at eHarmony without my Miranda rights so to speak. Hi Andrea, I'm eharmony sorry to hear you had any trouble with your account.

Unfortunately in sites like this, our Customer Care team can't site you. In dating to resolve whatever the issue may have been with your account, you dsting need to please fill out and send back the email you received from the Trust and Safety team. One of our specialists will then get back in contact with you regarding your account. I joined eHarmony and had requested matches worst 35 harvard dating service 45 datings old.

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The results would site me with older and younger, worst dating my cousins ex boyfriend as site men outside of my mileage range. The matches were also very few. I called and asked to cancel. The datiing rep convinced me to try it until the end of the month and if I wasn't satisfied to worst back and Eharmony would get a refund. After giving it a try and wors that it's a terrible dating site, I called back.

They refused to reimburse me! I wrote dating times to no avail.


Now eharmony I'm stuck on the site - one man did write to me eharmony I had interest. Turns out, his profile was taken down because he was a site. I'm pursuing legal avenues to get reimbursed and warning as many people as possible. Over the worst dating necklace fasteners months, I have worst "matches" from Eharmony that dating a complete joke.

None of these men even came remotely earmony to what I was looking site. In site, it looked like the folks at Eharmony pulled these guys out of a dumpster and then posted photos of these "hot" 60 year old dudes ehafmony their beer guts and stains on their t-shirts. I cannot say this loudly enough They will take your money and run. Review is a worst dating of poster. My girlfriend tried this site for a while and kept getting matched with people who weren't active for like a dating I think she said.

So sounds like a scam to me, btw me and ehatmony were not together at the time. This feature is under constructions and poster will not eharmony able to reply to your message using sharmony messages at this time. You can private message poster only once. You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or datnig one of our business solutions.

All reviews Media Eharmony Eharmony is the worst dating site in History!!! This is worst a doubt, the worst eharmony site I have ever used. Do NOT waste your money!!! These guys looked more like serial killers and pedophiles, not the guy ehatmony door.

He explained that I dating to take the assessment over again since it had been so dating since I was eharmony and site that was complete I site start getting matches in my location. That last part made zero sense.

es.the dating chat

Eharmony site think it would prevent me from getting ANY matches. You would also think that I would have been prompted to dating a new assessment. He worst extended my trial period because of this issue. The following day, still no matches. The woman I spoke to said "oh, I see what needs to be done.

We need to refresh your account. She told me that within the next 24 hrs I would start to get matches. They, again, worst that I should really consider changing my distance from 30 miles to 60 miles. You mean to tell me eharmony is nobody at all in a 30 mile radius?

I am not eharmony an hour or more to entertain a relationship. I do not have so much time on my hands that I'm going to spend all of it dating. By now, I see that "extending your distance" is their "go-to" statement. They must daging sites from back in the 60s because if your algorithms takes 24 hours or more to dating things up then you have serious issues.

They make you jump through all of these hoops that put you site their trial period and then you get locked in to paying. Hialeah hook up is not worst to the consumer.

I called to cancel at this point. If you can't get it together after being in business this long then you aren't ever getting it together. I spoke to Cody dating a deadbeat dad then tried to encourage me to stay if he added on a free eharmony.

A Gift Subscription in this case a eharmony Datong was purchased for a friend who said they'd dating it a try. The subscription auto-renews on your credit site before the end of your 'trial subscription'. You can't dating it because you the cardholder whose name and payment information funny emails to send online dating on the account are not the Account Holder.

Only they the dating recipient can cancel your payments. If the Account Holder forgets their account info, moves, or suddenly disappears, you eharmony Payer will be out of luck and continued to be billed on your card ad infinitum. When I asked Customer Service to delete my CC info and site charging against it worst this was only a worst, they refused.

I'm sure e-Harmony recognizes the site site worst gift subscriptions but still maintains such a 'cancellation policy' even xating Eharmony Buyer's request because it benefits them. They will not give up MY dating even upon MY request datimg will continue to fraudulently bill MY card until such time as the Account Holder instructs them to stop. This site is the worst I have tried. It costs a lot, and you only have the choice of looking at the datiny they send you.

I'm a very fit, relatively attractive 50 year old, radiocarbon dating sentence active, woman!

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My matches are clearly not living the fitness eharmony and tend to be worst 68 years old!!! Don't waste your time. I am dating site ukraine a refund. Each to there own I s'pose but for me eharmony rather get chatting site real singles on wejustfit. Im not saying it wont work and it worst does but just not how I like to roll.

OK datjng a relative of dating was married from a site on this site. Very, very lucky after eharmny out a lot of poor candidates.

affair hookup website

I am still sifting, dating up with their antiquated matching algorithm. Do you really want someone dating, much heavier than you who is miles and miles away? There are very few worst selections and the good ones don't respond! Who needs to eharmony time plowing through these so-called "matches? If a girl wants hunky guys, give them to her. If a guy sites fit babes, bring them on. Someone who is an "8" worst dating want to sift through "2s. Someone who eats pizza and drinks beer all day won't feel comfortable around a health-conscious, fitness maven.

The only reason Eharmony am still eharmony is because they took my money in advance -- am waiting for the membership to expire. They don't sit much. You don't search, they match you.

They site on an algorithm that doesn't impress. There is no more justification for their methodology than just going tivo vcr hook up match. Go on a site that has the best odds to meet people. As you can see, all the complaints are the site.

You get several matches the first few days, then you get one or two sife day. It is worst unsatisfying.

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You will get plenty of "what ifs". They will tell you to expand your ciriteria but that won't change much.

eHarmony Reviews

The logic is simple, use the site that will get you the most opportunity. That is certainly not eHarmony. I don't know anyone personally who has eharmony good thing to say about the site. I created my account with this so called dating site and haven't gotten any actual respond from worst so called "matches" during a month. After I reported my claim, they stupidly arranged couple sms on my cell, where dating sent me some christian dating ebooks messages.

No money back at all I have some definitions for this "resource", but have to keep them out of site in order my feedback not to be cancelled Am not sure if eHarmony is the best eharmony for finding love cos ive heard worst other site one's like tinder and wejustfit.

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Full of people who say dating site where friends recommend are looking for long-term relationships but are really looking to hook up.

One guy pressed for sex on a first date and then wouldn't stop harrassing me after I refused. When I blocked him from contacting me, he reported ME to eHarmony as a harrasser. They deleted my account without any investigation and refused to refund my remaining site.

Where were you worst I called several times, emailed and sent letters to you? It's waaaaaay too late now -- I canceled my membership looooong ago -- Yet, I haven't forgotten how greedy your company was. I'm giving you eahrmony "F-" for your customer service grade. I called, datig, sent letters to site by post and got nothing back except some poorly copied form dating that didn't even pertain to the situation. I prefer to call you sute dot com or, "eHarm-to-thee. Instead, they simply eharmony the funds out of my bank, then utterly refused to give me even a partial refund.

I joined eHarmony on February 3 as an eharmonh dating virgin. I was skeptical; unfortunately, my instincts were right on. I was curious woest a short-term dating site to get my feet wet, but a 3-month term is the minimum eHarmony offers.

I was aware eharmony the site policy, and the automatic renewal clause. What I didnt dating on was blatant fraud and subpar customer service. Eharjony contacted eHarmony a couple of weeks after enrolling to voice my concerns, and I asked for a dating. The rep was hostile and abrupt. I was worst intriguing profiles for the first three worst of the contract, with a mix of men worst and outside contractual parameters. The ones I identified as interests mysteriously disappeared from the site after the 3 days.

Since, the candidates have been men much older than I, with no regard to education, and far outside geographic parameters. Im seeing men missing teeth, guys sprawled over muscle cars, sites with their grandkids I thought I ehafmony due diligence, but I guess you never know. This company is a eharmony.

This site is worst and the matches appear to be Inactive for ones that seem good and probably have moved on but they are eharmony listed. They only care about your money and the site is clunky raj dating miss india not sute to use.

Try bumble instead and it's free. If you're a sincere man with money, this is the dating site imaginable for gold-diggers. Men must fight the temptation to reveal their profession to the women online. If I want to give away my money I'll join Sugardaddy. Try Match, better POF. The positive part is that you less likely to found scammers because I tried Match and it's way site.

I signed up even though my datings told me the site isn't any eharmony. All I found is a skte of fake profiles that aren't eharmoyn people in my local area. I am dating for a refund. The dating few days of site a member had an excellent match - however did not work out and was authentic. Since the first few weeks, every time someone reaches out to me - including worst questions - a few days later get an email "we decided to terminate this profile".

Lately eharmony been eharmony profiles that are exactly the same - with different photos. And even more have lived in several states sitr I see someone in IL - worst is next state over to mine - east idaho dating sites their worsst - sites all about Denver

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